If you have always fancied  making chocolates at home why not start with Mendiants?

Q: What is a mendiant?

A: It’s a beautiful bite-sized chocolate disc that needs no more skill than spooning out and decorating — no special equipment needed


Mendicant orders are, primarily, certain Christian religious orders that have adopted a lifestyle of poverty, traveling, and living in urban areas for purposes of preaching, evangelization, and ministry, especially to the poor. At their foundation these orders rejected the previously established monastic model. Wikipedia

But now Mendiants are better known as a French confection given as gifts around Christmas time.

Traditionally studded with nuts and dried fruits to represent the robe colours of the four monastic orders, or mendicants, of the church:

Raisin for the Dominicans,

Hazelnut for the Augustinians,

Fig for the Franciscans

Almond for the Carmelites.

These friars lived by faith (on charitable offerings), earning them the title of “mendiants,” meaning “beggar” in French.  

Today chocolatiers can use any variety of fruit and nuts to show off their creativity.

How do you make mendiants?

Mendiants are a great way to break into the confectionary world and excerise your individual creativity — craft out your first batch and see where your chocolate takes you.

Try making some yourself click this link

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