Trend prediction is a dangerous game. It’s very easy to mistake a fad for a trend or even vice versa especially considering the speed at which small business can react to developing trends meaning that the market can respond almost instantaneously. However, deep-rooted trends tend to reflect the zeitgeist such as a global recession and are much less likely to be a flash-in-the-pan.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to commit my 2019 Top 3 trend predictions to paper whilst heavily caveating with the reminder that they are predictions.


The first of my predictions is relatively obvious as food packaging is a hot topic with the inconvenient truth about climate change and our impact on the environment emerging more and more each day.

The food market has reacted, to an extent, already but I foresee the pressure from the public increasing forcing more innovative packaging solutions to be fast-tracked through development.

I think, as a populous, we have been indoctrinated into believing that all plastic is bad but where will the next battle lines be drawn?

There are some key packaging components within the chocolate industry that will probably need to be shaken up we in the trade know thta often the packaing can cost more than the product.


The premium sector continues to be the value-add and growth area of the market and I can’t see that slowing down.

Chocolate has been scrutinised for years around its health credentials and, for the most part, chocolate is perceived to be a permissible treat as part of a controlled diet and lifestyle.

Therefore, if we’re only going to consume a small amount we want to know that quality is going to be fantastic right? This is where the premium sector wins and quality comes ahead of price in the purchasing decision tree.


This is a topic that’s very close to my heart, but the ethical element of the chocolate industry is evolving, hopefully, for the better.

The Fairtrade mark has lost its shine and both consumers and producers are looking for new ethical standards and ways of working to adhere to. Some manufacturers have even chosen to create their own path in terms of ethical standards whilst others are migrating to new bodies such as B Corporation and raise trade

maybe a miss?

Here’s an example, in my opinion, of a fad not a trend: ruby chocolate. This ‘new’ chocolate broke in 2018 and did a good PR job for the companies that backed it. Beyond that it didn’t really seem to resonate with the people that matter, the consumers. I can’t see this one being a sticky trend and may not even see it into your Christmas list for 2019! like when white chocolate first hit it will take some time to make an impact.

So, there you have it. My Top 3 Trends for 2019 plus a cheeky flop prediction thrown in for free!

Until next time.



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