Chocolate Fund Raising (Full Day)

Duration Size Recommended For
Full Day Suitable for 10 - 400 people. Team bonding; management training staff wellbeing; networking; client entertaining; social events; fun days. Staff enrichment days

Awaken your team’s passion and creativity as they unite to rescue a failing chocolate factory!

Delegates compete in four separate chocolate activities to raise money.

How is the event run?

Your group is divided into four teams, each team is divided in two. Each team is given a different chocolate activity:

  • Decorate cupcakes
  • Chocolate lollypop making • Chocolate painting
  • Truffle Making

Each is given a demonstration of how to create their products. They must then make & professionally package them. Each team is told the cost price of the ingredients & packaging & must keep track of how much is spent. Everyone is involved in pricing and selling & are encouraged to explore different angles to try to sell the entire stock. The goal is to earn as much money as possible for charity. Total product costs are deducted from overall sales.

A final boardroom meeting reveals pitfalls, amusing stories, each team’s total sales & a winner is declared! The winning team is awarded with an abundance of chocolate goodies with money raised donated to a charity of your choice.

What’s included?

  • Event manager and team building instructors
  • Tempering explanation
  • Step-by-step chocolate making demonstration • Hands-on chocolate making
  • Chocolate making tools and equipment
  • Ingredients packaging
  • Create a pop-up-shop (Props and Point of sale) • Disposable table covers, gloves and aprons
  • Team packs and stationery

A boardroom presentation concludes with the choosing of the winning team.

What are the benefits?

Delegates are involved in a fun and creative activity in which they make a fantastic end product. It’s a great event to re- energise, motivate & de-stress your staff. Key skills are teamwork, communication & creativity. The event can be used as a fun exercise or to help personal or group development. The charity of choice benefits in donations from your new experience.