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Team Building

Most of us would agree that good teams are a major part of any successful company.

Here at Coeur de Xocolat, we’ve seen some of the advantages that good team building events can bring. Lots of organisations already know that it can prove to give a boost to the long-term success of a company.

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Chocolate School Visits

Yes, it's true! Chocolate is on the National Curriculum and Coeur de Xocolat can bring chocolate events, lessons and classes to your school.

Teachers, already know and have chosen chocolate as part of their National Curriculum studies, children are learning all about chocolate through the early years, usually 1-6.  

As part of their studies children will learn about the history of chocolate and chocolate production from bean to bar, which covers subjects including citizenship, geography, history and science.

Students may also study Roald Dahl;s and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as part of an english programme.


Consultancy Chocolatier for Hire

We really love chocolate and we really love to share our chocolatey love. Our mission is to transport you on a Xocolat Adventure to the heart of fantastic quality chocolate through deliciously fun and educational chocolate tasting events.


The history of cocoa

There are few foodstuffs with such a rich and intriguing history as cocoa and chocolate. Just like coffee and so many other foods, we inherited the cocoa bean from the pre-Columbian cultures in Latin America. Permit us to introduce you to the fantastic 4000 year history of cocoa and chocolate


Chocolate tasting journal

Confectionery is enjoyed. Great chocolate is experienced. Chocolate can be mistaken to mean just one flavour and the only difference between good and bad chocolate is the price. But, just like a fine wine, chocolate boasts a symphony of delicate and intricate aromas and flavours that build to deliver a complete sensory experience.

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International Chocolate Consultancy