Corporate Chocolate Team Building

Most of us would agree that good teams are a major part of any successful company.

Here at Coeur de Xocolat, we’ve seen some of the advantages that good team building events can bring. Lots of organisations already know that it can prove to give a boost to the long-term success of a company.

We love how cooking and eating together builds bonds between people. And people love chocolate. So, it seemed natural to bring them together in a hands-on dessert cooking event for your team featuring chocolate.

David is regularly asked to speak at events up and down the country. David says “I regularly attend lots of events, Chocolate devotees don’t need any persuading that chocolate tasting is fun, but I believe that Coeur de Xocolat offers a gentler and more sophisticated team building activity than paint balling or physical outdoor challenges”. 

Delegates learn about chocolate, work together to make and enjoy a number of chocolate and other sweet delights. Then pack up their rewards to take home or back to the office—if they get that far. When you talk about incentives, it’s hard to go past desserts and chocolate.

We can do anything from a 30-minute ice breaker, a 4-hour sit-down to a three-day chocolate safari. If you have an idea that isn’t on the list, please contact us with your ideas.

Team Building Event Packages

Bespoke Corporate Services

Chocolatier Guest Appearances

With wide experience on all media, David has proven to be a fascinating guest and interview subject.


Chocolate Company Logo Bars

Immortalise your company logo in chocolate! The deliciously indulgent way to promote your company & stand out from the crowd!


Chocolate masterclass

Spend a half or  day with award winning chocolatier David Greenwood-Haigh learning how to make a variety of delicious truffles and filled chocolates!


Consultancy Chocolatier for Hire

We really love chocolate and we really love to share our chocolatey love. Our mission is to transport you on a Xocolat Adventure to the heart of fantastic quality chocolate through deliciously fun and educational chocolate tasting events.


Cookery Demonstrations Compere or Host

David is a regular at food festivals, a 'seasoned' demonstrator creating tasty, healthy food based on traditional recipes that are easy to repeat no nonsense dishes, often but not exclusively incorporating chocolate.


Pop Up Chocolate Shop

A brand experience to enthral chocoholics. Focusing on delivering an experiential fun & entertainment, pop up is certain to create the perfect atmosphere for any brand.