Chocolate Tasting Masterclass

Duration Size Recommended For
1.5-2 hours Up to 1000 Food festivals, exhibition stands, conference break-out sessions, Client Entertainment brand days Networking Events Marketing Events Product Launches

Chocolate is one of the most versatile foods you’ll find but how much of chocolate have you actually experienced?

This masterclass will teach you how to enjoy chocolate on a new level by using all the senses, you will LOOK LISTEN TOUCH SMELL and final TASTE your different chocolate samples making you a chocolate sommelier.

How is the event run?

Delegates/clients are welcomed by our expert chocolatier. The event begins with the magical history of chocolate including where it was first discovered & moves on to the fascinating production process from bean to bar. The chocolate tasting kicks off with some familiar brands. Delegates are then taken on an adventure with some of the finest chocolate in the world!

Event content

Fascinating history of chocolate & the production process from bean to bar. Master the art of tasting chocolate using sensory analysis.

Chocolate from more than 6 different origins

What are the benefits?

Chocolate Tasting is a great team-bonding activity. Taking a well-known & loved product & learning to expand horizons through the medium of taste. At a glance, chocolate is a commonplace product enjoyed by all, but through discussion delegates learn to appreciate the many varieties and qualities as well as personal preferences, tastes & pre-conceptions; all skills delegates can develop & easily apply to working relationships.

Chocolate history (40 mins)

The story about how chocolate came about is an amazing one and steeped in divine mystical tradition and history beginning in Mexico as early as 1500 BC with the Olmecs who were around till 400 BC David guides us through in a humorous and interesting way.

Adult Guided tasting (20 mins)

Chocolate provides us with one of the most fulfilling sensory experiences which can be derived from food. During this Guided Chocolate Tasting you will notice that the focus is beyond simply eating or “tasting” chocolate; instead we will concentrate on the whole sensory experience. Our Master Chocolatier will guide you through this

fascinating delicious process and expand your chocolate knowledge with interesting facts on the history of chocolate, trade justice and coca production.

Truffle making demonstration (20 mins)

The story about how this chocolate treat came about is an amazing one; you will see how ganache made and taste some too.