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As educators, you will understand the importance of engaging and enriching educational experiences.

At Coeur de Xocolat, we are passionate about bringing the fascinating world of chocolate into your classroom, aligned with the National Curriculum.

Our unique chocolate events, lessons, and classes are designed to captivate your student's imagination and enhance their learning journey.

Chocolate in the National Curriculum

Chocolate has become a popular topic within the National Curriculum, especially for primary school students in years 1-6.

Through our comprehensive chocolate workshops, children can explore:

The History of Chocolate:

From ancient civilisations to modern-day treats, students will unwrap the rich past of this beloved confection.

Chocolate Production:

Our 'bean to bar' sessions cover the entire chocolate-making process, integrating subjects such as citizenship, geography, history, and science.

Literary Connections:

Engage your students with classics like 'Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' as part of an English programme, bringing literature to life through the theme of chocolate.

Why Choose Coeur de Xocolat?

With over a decade of experience working for a Fairtrade chocolate company, we are committed to promoting ethical practices. 

We exclusively use Fairtrade chocolate in all our educational workshops, ensuring that your students learn about the importance of fair trade and sustainability.

Our Educational Chocolate Workshops

Our workshops are interactive, educational, and fun, designed to complement your curriculum and inspire young minds. Here’s what we offer:

Interactive Lessons:

Hands-on activities that let students explore and understand the chocolate-making process.

Engaging Content:

Tailored sessions that integrate various subjects, making learning about chocolate both fun and informative.

Expert Guidance:

Delivered by award-winning chocolatier David from Coeur de Xocolat, bringing expertise and passion into your classroom.

Learn More About Fairtradefairtrade farmer

At Coeur de Xocolat, we believe in the importance of ethical sourcing. To learn more about Fairtrade and its impact, please visit the site

Bring the world of chocolate to your school with Coeur de Xocolat, and watch your students' curiosity and knowledge grow. 

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