Chocolate is on the National Curriculum for Schools

Yes, it's true! Chocolate is on the National Curriculum and Coeur de Xocolat can bring chocolate events, lessons and classes to your school.

Chocolate in Primary Schools

As teachers, already know, many primary schools have chosen chocolate as part of their National Curriculum studies and children are learning about chocolate through the early years, usually 1-6.   As part of their studies children will learn about the history of chocolate and chocolate production from bean to bar, which covers subjects including citizenship, geography, history and science. They may also study Roald Dahl and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as part of an English programme.

Having worked for over ten years for a fairtrade chocolate company David proactively supports Fairtrade so it follows that he would only use Fairtrade chocolate in all educational chocolate workshops. For more information on Fairtrade please visit:

Chocolate is in Secondary Schools

In secondary school’s students are studying chocolate in business studies, science and food technology.

Why not run a chocolate event during their study period or for an end of year enrichment Week?

Coeur de Xocolat can run tailored chocolate making events, making the classes and lessons relevant and age appropriate. The sessions are run within the school timetable and accommodate breaks and lunchtimes and are made visually informative.

Inset Days for teaching staff

Educational, delicious and fun – mini workshops that cover the history of chocolate, the bean to bar story, chocolate tasting – as well as making some delicious chocolates to take away!

Prices from £25 per person with a minimum of 20 participants

When we first started, chocolate making I was asked by schools up and down the country if I could help them to deliver the curriculum with some Chocolate work,
our activities have grown and developed in response to requests from primary, secondary school’s teachers, catering colleges and now universities wanting us to teach, share and help the students learn using chocolate.

David from Coeur De Xocolat has provided hundreds of engaging, fun and fact filled educational chocolate workshops all across the UK and further afield for over 16 years, with a whole range of chocolate knowledge that we have shaped this into a range of educational workshops where we join you in your classroom.

David has found that chocolate can provide a fantastic gateway to a fun learning experience. chocolate has a long and interesting history. Today, chocolate provides a great way to look at global trade, and issues of social justice. Then there is the science of Chocolate with its polymorphic crystalline structure, and the tempering process that encourages this structure to form, giving fine quality chocolate the “snap”.

Educational Chocolate

 Workshops Chocolate can help people of all ages really enjoy the learning process.

• Teaching across the curriculum

• Classroom interaction which is fun, and educationally valuable for pupils workshops can include

Whole school assembly – introducing fair trade and social justice.

The history & origins of chocolate – from the Aztecs to date and all in between

The Journey of a Cocoa Bean, How & where cocoa beans are grown –

How to taste chocolate like an expert - use our senses to understand chocolate better

Become a Chocolatier- Explore the tempering process and make a lollipop or bar

Using PowerPoints, images, film and props brought from Ghana and Haiti by David explains things in a friendly way that lets the students touch feel and smell the cocoa pods beans and butter.

They can Be delivered on their Own or creating your own combination ideal for your group.

We also have Access to a whole host of equipment and materials that you can use in your classes, Cocoa pods, beans cocoa butter Metate, videos and images of the cocoa harvest process in Ghana, trade justice role plays.

So, what better way to treat your students to an educational chocolate event and let them become mini-chocolatiers at the end of or during their learning? All students will get creative with chocolate no matter what age they are.

How chocolate is made

What chocolate is made of – the manufacturing process and the make-up of the main types of chocolate, simplified but accurate so children understand it Health aspects of chocolate – why some chocolate is better for you than others and why it should be eaten in moderation

Designing a new chocolate product wrapper – children design a new chocolate product using a custom-made template and can be used as a dragon’s den type exercise

Fairtrade principles & practices

Having worked for Divine chocolate for more than 10 years and visiting Ghanaian cocoa farmers and schools David knows first-hand how Fairtrade works and the key principles

Chocolate cookery session

An in-classroom project making a chocolate product to develop cookery skills, from rice crispy cakes, chocolate lollipops to Truffles.

David is DBS checked and has presented in schools and Universities across the UK and in Ireland, Sao Tome,Ghana, Haiti, and Kenya.

Contact us so we can make a plan which is designed and priced just for your school.

Prices start at around £250.00 for a half day visit.

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