Exhibition: Aroma Workshop Identify Aromas

Duration Size Recommended For
We can run an exhibition stand for as little as a few hours, or up to 1 week if required. There is no maximum limit Food festivals, exhibition stands, Food buyers, clients, conference break-out sessions, networking, brand days product launches. NPD sessions. Staff enrichment

Inject some excitement to your exhibition or product launch with this aroma training experience

Can your delegates work out the different rich and wonderful Aromas?

Event content

If we want to improve our palate we have to train it.

Choose a combination of unique flavours and test your delegates’ olfactory skills to see who can detect the aromas. Using the Coeur de Xocolat ‘nosing kit’ we will provide you with an extensive list of aromas to choose from, including champagne or perhaps tomato, basil, mint to honey and leather! Along with hand-made tasting chocolates, the possibilities are endless!

Coeur de Xocolat can hand-make any quantity of tasting chocolates that you require & are happy to oblige your aroma suggestions.

We will supply an expert chocolatier to set-up and run the event. Interacting and explaining the processes with your delegates.

What’s included?

  • Event manager and facilitators
  • Presentation on the science or aroma and taste
  • Chocolate tasting sticks and aromas, spices and herbs • Disposable table covers, gloves and aprons