The Art of Chocolate

Duration Size Recommended For
1-3 hours Up to - 100 people. Team bonding; networking; client entertaining; social events; fun days. Staff enrichment days, brand days

Focusing on fun and entertainment, our Chocolate Painting Workshop is certain to create the ideal atmosphere for any corporate or networking event, Christmas party or any event whatever the occasion.

Create your perfect excuse to host this event, & enjoy some fantastic fun with chocolate!

What’s included?

  • Event manager and facilitators
  • Presentation on the history of chocolate
  • Chocolate painting tools and equipment and canvas
  • Ingredients, flavours and packaging
  • Disposable table covers, gloves and aprons

Event content

The award-winning master chocolatier starts with a fascinating but brief discussion about the history of chocolate. Under his expert guidance, delegates learn how to temper and colour chocolate, then create their
very own masterpiece using the materials provided.

What are the benefits?

The Chocolate Painting Workshop is a great alternative event if you are looking for something fun & and unique.