Introducing David: Your Expert Cookery Demonstrations Compere or Host!

Are you seeking an engaging and seasoned demonstrator to elevate your culinary event to new heights? Look no further! Meet David, your go-to expert in creating tantalizing dishes that blend tradition with innovation, always with a touch of chocolate magic.

Why Choose David?

🌟 Expertise: With a wealth of experience as an award-winning chef and chocolatier, David brings a unique blend of skill and creativity to every demonstration. His recipes, rooted in tradition yet infused with modern twists, are both delicious and nutritious.

🌱 Fairly traded and Locally Sourced: David worked for more ten years for a fairtrade company and is passionate about supporting local suppliers and showcasing the best of what your region has to offer. From sourcing ingredients to cooking from scratch, he ensures that every dish tells a story of quality and sustainability.

🎉 Interactive Experience: Prepare for a dynamic and lively showcase! David's demonstrations are not just about cooking; they're about engaging with the audience, sharing tips and tricks, and creating memorable moments together.

📹 Multi-Media Mastery: Need product-specific recipes brought to life? David is adept at using various media, including video, to showcase the versatility of your products and inspire your audience to get creative in the kitchen.

Events and Products

🏛️ British Embassy Bratislava
🎂 Bakewell Baking Festival
🍽️ Foodies Festivals
🧀 Speciality Foods
🍫 Salon du Chocolat London
🌱 Wakefield Rhubarb Festival
🛍️ Tradecraft Roadshows

Featured Creations

🍬 Barton’s Piccalilli Caramel Truffles
🍺 Lefe Beer & Chocolate Madagascar Dark Chocolate Truffles
🧀 Abergavenny Fine Foods Goats Cheese Ganache Tart
🦌 Roundgreen Farm Venison Fillet & Haitian Chocolate Sauce
🦀 Whitby Crab and Columbian White Chocolate Risotto

Compere or Host

As a seasoned host and compere, David brings professionalism and charm to every event. Whether it's a fundraising gala or a corporate function, he ensures that the show runs smoothly while keeping the audience entertained from start to finish.

Book David Today!

Elevate your next culinary event with David as your compere or host. Contact him now to discuss how he can bring his expertise and flair to your gathering. Don't miss the opportunity to delight your audience and create culinary memories that last a lifetime!

Contact us so we can make a plan which is designed and priced just for your event. Prices start at around £450.00 per day

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