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Why set-up a pop-up shop?

Setting up a pop-up shop is a relatively low-cost way to test new products, boost your brand. In a world where businesses are increasingly migrating online, pop-up shops offer a way to engage with your customers face-to-face, build relationships, and give your brand that all-important feedback.

Location, Location, Location

Primarily, look for a pop-up that receives a decent footfall on a daily basis to expose you to your target market. Choose a location that fits your brand and consider competition– there’s no point selling skateboards in Sloane Square.

We can also give your pop-up shop a heavily-branded makeover to ensure maximum awareness. speak to other businesses that have set up pop-up shops in the space before. Were they successful?

Budget and staffing

Utilities, insurance, and branding the space – which could include furniture, painting, lighting etc. – and marketing materials (samples, leaflets). You’ll also need to consider how you’re going to staff the pop-up.

Marketing, marketing and more marketing!

Getting a pop-up shop presence on the high street or at a key commuter location, doesn’t guarantee that your pop-up will be a success. You need to encourage passers-by to become buyers. The cornerstone is a vibrant front window display. This is a chance to create a visual feast that tells the story of your brand and catches the attention of idle eyes, drawing people in with an expectation of what you’re all about. Melting chocolate customers making custom bars can make this a no brainer. Generate interest online by posting on media pages for the local area or advertising to your followers on Facebook or Twitter and encouraging them to come down. Don’t discount the humble flyering approach as it’s still a highly valuable tool when it comes to generating local interest. Like the window display, flyers should make people excited about your brand – make the most of the opportunity to advertise special offers or discounts. Generate interest from bloggers and vloggers in your market and persuade them to come to your shop maybe hold a press event with goodie bags.

‘What’s the end-goal?’

The three core goals of a setting up a pop-up shop should be to raise brand awareness, generate sales or explore new revenue streams, and engage with customers directly. Don’t just set up a pop-up shop because you’ve noticed that your competitors are doing it or because it’s become the “in thing”, you should have a good reason for wanting to open a pop-up. 

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