‘Death by Chocolate (2 Day)

Duration Size Recommended For
2 day Suitable for 10 - 70 people. Team bonding; management training staff wellbeing; networking; client entertaining; social events; fun days. Staff enrichment days

Awaken your team’s passion and creativity as they unite to rescue a failing chocolate factory! A delicious (and deadly) team building game.

The owner of the world’s greatest chocolate empire has only a few months to live and is offering control of the company to the team that invents the greatest chocolate recipe of all time! Teams will record a 30 second radio advert as a pitch that shows how their chocolate affects ordinary people and tell us their secret ingredients.

Event content

On Day 1 we arrange for teams to take over a manufacturing unit where they receive tuition from a top

Chocolatier in how to produce quality chocolates. Delegates practise tempering chocolate before making the chocolates designed by their teams. A subteam gets creative on the marketing & design. Delegates must devise a name for a ‘pop-up-shop’, a brand, logo, strap-line, packaging and short radio commercial. Teams must also design the layout for a ‘pop-up-shop’ and dress the space to maximise product appeal.

On Day 2 each team must sell its products to the staff on site to earn as much money as possible! The ‘popup- shops’ will be located in your office complex. The entire team is involved in pricing & selling the chocolates & encouraged to explore different angles to try to sell the entire stock. We provide a digital camera to capture highlights of the days. Final boardroom presentations reveal all the pitfalls, amusing stories, a radio ad and each team’s sales are totalled and a winner is declared! The winning team is awarded with an abundance of chocolate goodies.

What’s included?

  • Event manager and team building instructors
  • Presentation on the history of chocolate & production process from bean to bar
  • Tempering explanation and demonstration
  • Exclusive bespoke sculpted chocolate moulds for your organisation (to keep)
  • Step-by-step chocolate making demonstration
  • Hands-on chocolate making, resulting in a new chocolate bar range
  • Chocolate making tools and equipment
  • Ingredients packaging
  • Disposable table covers, gloves and aprons
  • Team packs and stationery

What are the benefits?

Delegates are involved in a fun & creative activity in which they produce a delicious end product. It’s a great event to re-energise, motivate & de-stress your staff. Key skills are teamwork, communication and creativity. The event can be used as a fun exercise or to help personal or group development.