Chocolate Treasure Hunt team event

Duration Size Recommended For
1-3 hours Up to - 100 people. Team bonding; networking; corporate/ client bonding. social events; fun days. brand days, Enrichment days

Your team has up to three hours to solve clues and earn as many chocolate coins as possible!

A themed treasure hunt activity gives added focus to a great team building day for all participants. It is a great opportunity to dress up pirate maybe?

How is the event run?

The event will be run by our experienced, friendly and professional staff. It will commence with a briefing to outline the challenges. 

There are three principal elements which will keep all team members fully engaged and entertained...

These are:

  1. Teamwork,
  2. communication, Interaction within a team
  3. creativity and innovation 

Cryptic clues (just to get everyone thinking)
Scavenger hunt (not using the expense account but lots of imagination)
Camera challenge (memorable and hopefully funny pictures guaranteed)

There will be a need to engage with rival teams during the event.
At the end of the event all the photographs taken by participants on the day will be viewed on a slide
show giving teams the chance to see how their rivals have fared then a quick debrief highlighting some of the outstanding contributions.

The finale will be the announcement of the results and a prize giving.

What’s included?

Pre-hunt event management to include unlimited telephone and e-mail support

Treasure Hunt pack for each team containing:

  1. Clues
  2. Digital camera to use during the hunt (spare batteries provided)
  3. Clipboard & pens, Maps, question & answer sheets
  4. A fabulous box of chocolates for each member of the winning team
  5. Photos from the day

What are the benefits?

The Chocolate Treasure Hunt develops teamwork and improves interpersonal skills.

It is an energetic, hilarious, chocolate-packed event that will refresh and re- energise any team!