Chocolate fountains have long held a place of fascination at events and gatherings, offering a delightful visual spectacle and a delectable treat for guests to indulge in. However, like with any culinary endeavour, there are nuances to be considered in order to achieve a truly decadent experience. In this guide, we'll debunk myths, delve into setup strategies, explore the intricacies of chocolate melting, and provide expert tips for maintaining and reusing your fountain chocolate.

The Chocolate Fountain Controversy

Critics have been quick to dismiss chocolate fountains as vessels for cheap chocolate and excessive oil, leading to an underwhelming experience. It's true, some chocolate fountains have fallen victim to these pitfalls. However, a carefully curated combination of quality ingredients can transform this culinary centrepiece into a thing of beauty and a culinary delight.

Setting Up for Success

The foundation of a successful chocolate fountain experience begins with proper setup. Here's how to ensure your chocolate fountain functions flawlessly and looks its best:

Location Matters: Choose a suitable location that's away from air conditioning, swinging doors, dance floors, and exterior doors. If you have the flexibility, assert your preferences for an optimal setup.
Sturdy and Level Surface: Set up your chocolate fountain on a sturdy table. Levelling is crucial for uniform chocolate flow. Use a small spirit level from your local hardware store to make adjustments.
Avoid Windy Conditions: Outdoor setups require proper protection from wind. A gust of wind blowing chocolate around is a disaster waiting to happen.

Mastering Chocolate Melting

Melted chocolate is the heart of a chocolate fountain. Here's how to ensure your chocolate flows smoothly:

Pre-Melting: Chocolate remains liquid above 22°C. Pre-melt chocolate and store it in insulated containers to keep it at the right consistency for several hours.
Thorough Preparation: Before you leave for the event, ensure all equipment is clean, complete, and ready for use.
Assembly: Assemble the fountain components carefully. Adjust the feet for balance before filling the fountain with chocolate.

Achieving Perfect Chocolate Flow

The magic of a chocolate fountain lies in its cascading chocolate curtain. Follow these steps for optimal flow:

Test Run: Test the fountain before adding chocolate to ensure it's in working order.
Oil or Butter Addition: Melt cocoa butter or sunflower oil and pour it into the fountain's central cylinder to lubricate the blade and facilitate smooth chocolate flow.
Starting the Fountain: Turn on the fountain's heater switch, allowing the chocolate and oil to combine and melt before turning on the auger for even flow.

The Art of Maintenance and Reuse

To prolong the life of your chocolate fountain and maximise its potential, keep these pointers in mind:

Avoid Hardened Chocolate: Leaving chocolate in the fountain after use can lead to hardening. Hardened chocolate can damage the motor, so always remove it.dripping fountain
Efficient Clean-Up: Cleaning the fountain can be a challenge, so be prepared with plastic bags for transporting uncleaned parts.
Reusing Chocolate: Chocolate can be reused, but it has three enemies: water fruit and air. Protect chocolate from moisture and air to maintain its quality.
Proper Storage: Store your fountain components in a clean, dry place, and ensure that the chocolate doesn't pick up moisture or stale odors.


With proper preparation, quality ingredients, and a little know-how, chocolate fountains can elevate any event from ordinary to extraordinary. Remember, it's not just about the visual spectacle; a well-executed chocolate fountain can deliver a truly exquisite taste experience. So, whether you're setting up a grand commercial fountain or a cozy home version, these tips will guide you towards creating an unforgettable chocolate fountain display that will leave your guests in awe and their taste buds satisfied.


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