Xocolat Factory Challenge (Half Day)

Duration Size Recommended For
Half Day Suitable for 10 - 400 people. Team bonding; management training staff wellbeing; networking; client entertaining; social events; fun days. Staff enrichment days.

Teams create a new and original flavoured chocolate bar In typical Apprentice-style

  • Teams create their own chocolate bar
  • Design and make suitable packaging.
  • Devise a marketing strategy including a 30 second radio advert • Keep a sharp eye on costs and profit margins.

This then culminates in a final pitch to the other teams.

Event content

Agree a target market

Select flavours
Set a retail selling price
Devise a brand name and style
Design and later create the packaging
Cost their product for ingredients and materials (Teams will need to price their products correctly in order to achieve the best profit margin)

Devise a marketing strategy and advertising campaign
Produce a radio advertisement
In a fun finale, the teams then proudly present their product and Radio advert. In addition, everyone will make and decorate chocolate bars to take home.

What’s included?

  • Event manager and team building instructors
  • Presentation on the history of chocolate & production process from bean to bar • Tempering explanation and demonstration
  • Step-by-step chocolate making demonstration
  • Hands-on chocolate making, resulting in a new chocolate bar range
  • Chocolate making tools and equipment
  • Ingredients packaging
  • Disposable table covers, gloves and aprons
  • Team packs and stationery

What are the benefits?

The Xocolat Factory Challenge is a fantastic morale- boosting event;

Ideal if you are looking for a fun & unique way to reward your staff. An energising and cohesive activity which is often used as an interlude during a demanding conference. Delegates learn new skills, are creative and ultimately have fun. The Chocolate Factory Challenge is a superb event for motivating and re-energising your workforce.