Chocolatier, to visit Haiti

Wakefield based award winning chocolatier is visiting Haiti in a bid to enrich his understanding of one world’s favourite treats.

David Greenwood-Haigh, owner and chocolatier at Coeur de Xocolat, will next week travel to the Caribbean country of Haiti, which is one of the poorest countries and a small exporter of fine cocoa.

The trip, is supported by a DIT grant, will enable David to understand more about the connection Britain has had with the chocolate growing regions since the 18th century.

David will visit Pisa growing plantations in Cap Haitien, and Haiti’s only bean to bar chocolate maker Askanya and discover the production process as well as visiting hospitals, schools and community projects.

He said: “During the 18th century, the city of Yorkshire began building its economy and trade around the confectionery industry and especially chocolate.

“Over the next few hundred years, and right up to the modern day, chocolate production has flourished and the city is steeped in a rich chocolate heritage.

“It is important that work to keep this heritage alive as well as developing our links with the people who grow our food.

“I’ve worked with chocolate for more than 15 years now and am really excited about this fantastic opportunity to see again where cocoa is grown and listen to new farmers stories, discovering how we can work together to create a sustainable future and develop first-hand links with other chocolate makers.

David trained initially as a chef, before moving into sales in the wider food industry and then finally the chocolate industry.

He worked for Divine chocolate for ten years before starting Coeur de Xocolat a chocolate consultancy and teambuilding and training business in January 2012. David also demonstrates at food festivals and shows.

Born and bred in Yorkshire, David creates original flavours for companies as well as running chocolate-making demonstrations and workshops and teaching chocolate in schools universities and catering colleges.

Fellow of the Institute of Hospitality, A Masterchef member of the craft guild of chefs, member of the Academy of Chocolate and a judge for the prestigious Academy of Chocolate Awards and international chocolate awards and an Award winning Chocolatier

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