1. Ancient Origins: aztec jug

Hot chocolate has ancient roots, dating back to the Aztecs who enjoyed a spicy, frothy version of this chocolate drink.

2. Royal Beverage:

In the 17th century, hot chocolate became popular among European royalty, earning a reputation as a luxurious beverage.

3. Health Benefits:

The dark chocolate used in hot chocolate is rich in antioxidants, promoting heart health and providing a mood boost.

4. World's Largest Cup:

The largest cup of hot chocolate ever made weighed over 4,000 litres, showcasing the drink's popularity on a grand scale.

5. Chocolate Capitals:

Cities like Turin, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain, are renowned for their hot chocolate traditions, offering unique variations.

6. Chocolate Varieties:

Hot chocolate isn't limited to dark chocolate; variations include white chocolate, mint chocolate, and chilli-infused chocolate.

7. Winter Warmer:

Hot chocolate is not only a delicious treat but also a perfect winter warmer, providing comfort during chilly weather.

8. Chocolatiers' Creations:

Many famous chocolatiers have crafted signature hot chocolate blends, adding their unique touch to this classic beverage.

9. Hot Chocolate Festivals:

Some cities host hot chocolate festivals, featuring diverse flavours, toppings, and creative presentations.

10. In Space:

Astronauts aboard space shuttles have enjoyed hot chocolate, especially adapted to microgravity conditions, proving its universal appeal.

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