As the Christmas and Easter seasons approach, radio and TV stations often reach out to discuss all things chocolate. This holiday season, I've decided to share some delightful ways to celebrate with a sprinkle of chocolatey joy.

If you find yourself surrounded by chocolate selection boxes, the ambassador's favourite treat, and wafer-thin mints, worry not! I've curated a collection of delightful chocolate-infused games, perfect for all ages and guaranteed to make your festivities even sweeter.

1. Suck It Up

Kick off with a lively game that combines skill and a sweet tooth.

What you'll need:

Paper straws (one per player)
Chocolate honeycomb balls or buttons
Bowls for each player
A plate for the center stage

How to Play:

Players use their paper straws to suck up chocolate buttons and deposit them into their bowls. It's a race to see who can gather the most, and the sweet victory goes to the chocolate champion!

2. Chocolate Face Game

This one's a riot for ages 5 to adult. Minimal setup, maximum fun!

What you'll need:

A chocolate mint wafer or flat piece of chocolate bar for each player

How to Play:

Players must get a piece of chocolate from their forehead into their mouth without using their hands. The first to conquer this tasty challenge is the ultimate chocolate face champion!

3. Flick It

Based on the popular bar game with beer mats, this game is a must-try for those with cat-like reflexes.

What you'll need:

A box of mint wafers

How to Play:

Place a chocolate wafer at the edge of the table and, using the back of your fingertips, flick it into the air and catch it with the same hand. Bonus points for style! Can you flick and catch the most chocolates at once?

4. Shove Dinner Mint

Another clever spin on pub games, this one requires skill and a long table.

What you'll need:

A bag of chocolate coins

How to Play:

Rest a chocolate coin so it overhangs the table edge, then use the flattened palm of your hand to 'shove' the coin into a marked target area. It's a chocolatey twist on traditional games like bowls or curling!

5. Chocolate Coin Elbow Snatch

What you'll need:

A bag of chocolate coins

How to Play:

Balance a chocolate coin on your elbow, bring your hand up to your ear, and with a single downward swing, try to catch the coin in your hand. The more mints you snatch in one go, the closer you are to victory!

6. Chocolate Tower

This one calls for a steady hand and plenty of chocolate squares.

What you'll need:

A bar of chocolate broken into pieces
One clean beer bottle

How to Play:

Stand the bottle in the middle of your dinner table and balance a single chocolate on the top of its neck. Each guest adds another square to build an increasingly wobbly tower. The person who finally topples the tower is the 'sweet' loser!

7. Chocolate Bingo Bonanza

Create bingo cards featuring various chocolate types or brands. Instead of calling out numbers, call out chocolate names. The first to shout "Chocolate Bingo!" and complete their card wins a delectable chocolate prize.

8. Cocoa Pictionary

A classic game with a chocolatey twist. Use melted chocolate to draw on a large surface or parchment paper. Participants guess the chocolatey creations, and the artist with the most correct guesses reigns as the Cocoa Picasso.

9. Trivia Delights

Host a chocolate-themed trivia night. Prepare questions about the history of chocolate, famous chocolate companies, or even cocoa-producing countries. A sweet prize awaits the participant with the most chocolate knowledge.

10. Chocolate Treasure Hunt

Create a chocolate treasure hunt around your home or venue. Hide chocolate treats, and provide clues that lead participants from one sweet discovery to the next. The one who finds the most treats is the chocolate treasure hunter champion.

If you prefer, you can also visit this post to get the family involved in the kitchen: Coeur de Xocolate Recipes.

I hope these ideas bring joy and laughter to your festive celebrations!

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