It that time of year again when the toffee apple is back in every coner shop Its a traditional seasonal treat that makes everone think about childhood, fairgrounds, fallen leaves, Guy Fawkes bonfires and winter parties.

Here are nine things you proberbly didn’t know about toffee apples.

  1. Toffee apples only date back to 1908.
  2. The toffee apple is actually a seasonal food as this is the time of year apples are traditionally harvested so in abundance.
  3. The toffee on the red toffee apple is actually boiled sugar which has been coloured red.
  4. The sugar is heated to 140C in order to make sure you get that essintial ‘hard crack’ when you bite into the toffee apple.
  5. Toffee apples have different names depending around the world: ‘candy apple,’ ‘caramel apple,’ ‘jelly apple’ or the more traditional toffee apple label.
  6. Some of these come with variations in the coating too so make sure you know what you’re buying.
  7. Toffee apples are not seen as a healthy snack but because most of it is apple, they’re not as bad as they could be.
  8. The average one delivers between 210 and 280 calories – and nutrients from the apple too.
  9. The bright red colour of the original toffee apple has its own shade – ‘candy apple red’ – find this on fast cars, nail varnish and guitars among other things.

Why not try some of your own?

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