Yes, we know what you’re probably instinctively thinking in response to that question… can there such a thing? After all, your own school days might have been characterised by some less-than-enthralling assemblies, to the point that clock-watching became one of the go-to sports in your school.

But of course, boring school assemblies don’t do much good for anyone. If a school assembly isn’t delivered in a fun and engaging way, the pupils in attendance won’t absorb its messages. And the job satisfaction of the teacher leading an assembly certainly won’t be enhanced if they can barely summon up much enthusiasm themselves.

So, if you want to know how to make an assembly fun, let’s cycle through some proven ideas, right here. By adopting a few of them, you can help ensure everyone present at the next assembly you lead actually appreciates it, as part of an occasion that emphasises personal development and the school’s place in the broader community.

Make the assembly short, snappy, and memorable

With so many assemblies taking place over the typical school term or year, you don’t necessarily need to hold long assemblies that will just drive young minds to boredom anyway.

Instead, you might like the idea of making your assemblies shorter, but still impactful – perhaps by building on the same topic through a series of assemblies. This could also help make children more willing to participate in an assembly that they know won’t drag on seemingly forever.

Speak from the heart

Even if, in any given assembly, you’re addressing the children about a topic that might not be greatly related to you, there could still be scope to incorporate your own personal take on things.

There may be stories and examples you can use that can help make the given subject more relatable to the pupils, and that will help you communicate your own passion about it.

When someone is effortlessly enthusiastic in what they’re saying, this shines through to others. And by ensuring this in your school assembles, you can help give greater insight into your own values, and those of the wider school.

Incorporate music and video in interesting ways

Music isn’t just something to open a school assembly with! It could form a more integral piece of the assembly in general – perhaps with opportunities for the children to consider and communicate their emotional responses to any of a range of music genres.

There might even be a certain link between the music that you play and the theme of the rest of the assembly, and you could ask the pupils present to identify what that theme is.

Similarly, relevant and suitable video clips could be used at various points in the assembly to ‘punctuate’ proceedings. You could source a short film online to provide a starting point for discussion, or even – if you have the resources – create your own to tie in with certain themes.

Give your next assembly a ‘chocolate’ theme!

It might seem like a “cheat code” for making a school assembly more interesting, but yes, chocolate really can be the key (well, one of them) to making your own assemblies more worthwhile.

We aren’t, of course, suggesting that you merely hand out chocolate treats to the pupils. Instead, why not arrange a school visit by Coeur de Xocolat?

For your next school assembly, the children could be learning more about so many of the things that make chocolate so interesting and relevant to our world, ranging from the journey of a cocoa bean to the process of actually making a chocolate lollipop or bar.

To find out more about how to make an assembly fun and educational with our help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today, so that we can put together the right assembly presentation for your school, at the right price.

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