Adding flavouring to chocolate with oils,

We can infuse our own oils to flavour food or buy them off the shelf ready done,supermarkets sell some but specialist shops have a much ider more interesting range to choose from.

But like most things there are a couple of simple rules to follow if we want to create perfect chocolates.

Before we start we need to make sure to:

  • Only use  food grade oil based flavourings in chocolate. NEVER add a water based flavourings to chocolate — it will seize and spoil!
  • Chocolate hates temperature extremes (both high and low).
  • Ensure the flavouring oil is close to the same temperature as the chocolate.
  • Flavouring oils are highly concentrated add the flavourings gradually with a pipette or eye dropper.
  • Remember to keep a record of what you use, count the drops and weigh the chocolate then you will be able to repeat the results.
  • Flavouring can be added to any type of chocolate.
  • Mix in small batches of chocolates and immediately put in refrigerator until set. WARNING: don’t leave the chocolate in the refrigerator too long.

How to Add Flavouring  to Your Chocolate using Oils

Temper your chocolate according to manufacturer’s instructions. click here for my notes

Warm the flavoured oil: (about 32° C)

a. Make sure the lid is on tight and seal in a small zip lock bag.

b. Place the plastic bag in a warm water bath for 10 – 15 minutes (water should be no more than 2° C warmer than the chocolate). Shake bottle every five minutes for even temperature distribution.

c. Remove the bottle from plastic bag and dry off well and give it a shake, Now SLOWLY add the prescribed amount of flavoured oil to the chocolate, and stir until completely mixed in check taste

*remember some flavours like chilli get stronger over time so it’s a case of trial and error and keeping good records.

Now all that’s left to do is mould chill and wrap in your normal way and enjoy!

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