Coeur de Xocolat is an organisation that specialises in providing educational chocolate workshops for schools.

We offer tailored chocolate-making events and classes that align with the National Curriculum in primary and secondary schools.

In primary schools,

Running educational chocolate workshops in primary schools can provide various benefits, both educational and financial. Here are some of the advantages:

Educational Benefits:

1.    Multidisciplinary Learning: Chocolate workshops allow students to explore multiple subjects simultaneously. They learn about citizenship, geography, history, and science through the context of chocolate, making the learning experience more engaging and interconnected.

2.    Experiential Learning: Hands-on activities, such as making chocolate or participating in tasting sessions, provide students with a practical and sensory experience. This experiential learning approach helps them better understand the concepts and processes related to chocolate production and history.

3.    Cultural Awareness: Learning about the history and origins of chocolate exposes students to different cultures and traditions. They gain a broader understanding of the global significance of chocolate and its impact on various societies.

4.    Social and Ethical Awareness: Exploring topics like fair trade and social justice within the context of chocolate production raises students' awareness of ethical issues and encourages discussions about sustainability and responsible consumption.

5.    Integration of Literature: Incorporating literature, such as Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," allows students to connect their reading with real-world applications. They can analyse themes, characters, and settings from the book in the context of chocolate production and history.

Financial Benefits:

1.    Cost savings: Running workshops can save significant amounts but still achieving the learning outcomes. Some schools charge a fee for participating students, which can contribute to funding other educational initiatives or resources.

2.    Community Engagement: Hosting chocolate workshops can attract community involvement and support. Parents, local businesses, or organisations may show interest in participating, sponsoring, or volunteering for these events, contributing to the financial success of the workshops.

3.    Enhanced Reputation: Providing unique and engaging learning experiences, such as chocolate workshops, can enhance the school's reputation within the community. This positive reputation may attract more students and support from parents and stakeholders.

It's important to note that the financial benefits may vary depending on the specific arrangements, such as whether the workshops are conducted by external organisations, funded by the school, or involve external sponsorships.


Chocolate in Secondary Schools too

In secondary school’s students are studying chocolate in business studies, HSE, science and food technology. OrWhy running a chocolate event during their study period or for an end of year enrichment Week?

Coeur de Xocolat can run tailored chocolate making events, making the classes and lessons relevant and age appropriate. The sessions are run within the school timetable and accommodate breaks and lunchtimes and are made visually informative.

Who are Coeur de Xocolat?

At CDX we love everything chocolate from eating it, making it, cooking it and sometimes even sharing it. 

I started my journey as a chef being so was fascinated by chocolate, I set out to learn everything I could about it. The more I learned the more I wanted to share everything I had discovered out with anyone who would listen.

When we first started, chocolate making I was being asked by schools up and down the country if I could help them to deliver the curriculum using chocolate and my work with the fairtrade movement work,

scine then our activities have grown and developed in response to teachers, catering colleges and now universities wanting us to teach, share and help the students learn using chocolate.

Coeur De Xocolat has provided hundreds of engaging, fun and fact filled educational chocolate workshops all across the UK and further afield for over 16 years, with a whole range of chocolate knowledge that we have shaped this into a range of educational workshops where we join you in your classroom.

we have found that chocolate can provide a fantastic gateway to a fun learning experience. chocolate has a long and interesting history.

Today, chocolate provides a great way to look at history global trade, and issues of social justice, then there is the science of Chocolate with its polymorphic crystalline structure, and the tempering process that encourages this structure to form, giving fine quality chocolate the “snap”.

Educational Chocolate Workshops Chocolate can help people of all ages really enjoy the learning process.

• Teaching across the curriculum

• Classroom interaction which is fun, and educationally valuable for pupils workshops can include

Whole school assembly – introducing fair trade and social justice.

The history & origins of chocolate – from the Aztecs to date and all in between

The Journey of a Cocoa Bean, How & where cocoa beans are grown –

How to taste chocolate like an expert - use our senses to understand chocolate better

Become a Chocolatier- Explore the tempering process and make a lollipop or bar

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