Sniff Cocoa like a rock star!​

There are lots of ways to enjoy chocolate.

The ancient Olmec’s took it in water with chilli and called it Xocolātl the Spanish frothed it and added sweeteners. We can take it neat or with hot milk, with alcohol: put a square of it into your mouth and let it dissolve slowly on your tongue. You can melt it between your fingers and lick it off slowly. You can make truffles with it, use it to coat a cake or fresh fruit, fill it with tequila, salt and lime and make a shoot out of it, and even have a cocoa butter spa treatment.

And now you can inhale it. Yes, really smell it and its legal!

When I do my chocolate tasting talks I always talk about how using sensory evaluation of chocolate helps us enjoy chocolate more fully, how we use all our senses when we taste things look touch listen smell taste so i started looking for a tool to help me demonstrate this perfectly.

whilst researching  i discovered the /Bavarain-Snuff-Machine and thought will a little work that could just about do it. We know that that the nose is an integral part of the sense of taste as well as the sense of smell, in fact 90% of what we eventually taste is influenced by aroma so by inhaling cocoa powder – with an added hint of fruit or of ginger and mint to enhance the experience – you should be able to taste the chocolate as well as smell it.

How does it work?

The small wooden device is spring-loaded, you spoon a small amount of one of the two flavoured cocoa powder onto the two tiny pans. You bend over the shooter so that your nostrils are just a few centimetres above the pans.

Then On the count of three, inhale!” and trigger the device SNIFF SNAP TOGETHER, and next thing I know you've just snorted cocoa. Catapulting the cocoa into the air you’re breathing in. pure chocolate blissyou brain thinks you have chocolate in your mouth, your mouth starts watering and for the next ten minutes or so you are on a chocolate high.

I was so blown away by this method of enjoying chocolate that, I thought, it would make a great party game. I used it at an event at the chop house Butler’s wharf and it was a hit, most folk gave it a go. and most of my workshops include arom in some way.

“Snorting cocoa, it’s not as strange as you may think, I certainly got the taste and smell of chocolate very strongly for a couple of minutes and my coffee tasted like a mocca latte ” George.


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