When it comes to experiencing the sheer pleasure of chocolate, the possibilities seem boundless. From ancient civilizations concocting the revered Xocolātl to modern-day innovations in taste and texture, chocolate has woven itself into the fabric of our culinary adventures. But have you ever considered enjoying chocolate in a way that engages not just your taste buds, but your olfactory senses as well? Enter the world of cocoa inhalation – a unique and unconventional way to savor chocolate like a true connoisseur.

A Historical Prelude

The captivating history of chocolate has been marked by diverse cultural interpretations. The Olmec civilization once blended chocolate with chili, giving birth to the richly spiced Xocolātl. The Spanish, on the other hand, mastered the art of frothing and sweetening chocolate, creating a symphony of flavors that resonates to this day.

This journey through time and taste has led us to explore chocolate in ways that go beyond the traditional.

Engaging the Senses

As humans, we possess a remarkable array of senses that enrich our experiences. Taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell converge to create a holistic encounter with our surroundings.

This principle holds true when it comes to savouring chocolate. Picture yourself not just biting into a square of velvety goodness, but inhaling its essence, immersing yourself in its aroma. This concept lies at the heart of the cocoa inhalation experience.

The Ingenious Device: From Idea to Reality

Imagine a small, wooden contraption – the Bavarian Snuff Machine – designed to redefine how we interact with chocolate. Delve deeper, and you'll find that this unassuming device has the power to transform your appreciation of cocoa. It's spring-loaded, with two tiny pans waiting to cradle flavored cocoa powder.

The magic begins as you bend over the device, nostrils poised inches above the pans. With anticipation building, a countdown ensues – "Three, two, one... inhale!" A quick trigger, a swift movement, and the cocoa takes flight, delicately dispersing into the air you breathe.

The Symphony of Sensations

Inhaling cocoa isn't just about the aroma; it's a symphony of sensations that unfolds. The cocoa particles, infused with hints of fruit, ginger, or mint, dance in the air, caressing your senses.

With each inhalation, you're transported to a realm where chocolate isn't just a flavor – it's an immersive experience. As the cocoa enters your olfactory system, it intertwines with your perception of taste, creating a harmonious blend that's nothing short of blissful.

A Chocolate High: Mind and Body Euphoria

The aftermath of cocoa inhalation is nothing short of enchanting. Your brain, convinced that you've just indulged in chocolate, triggers a cascade of reactions.

Your mouth starts to water, akin to the anticipation that arises before biting into a delectable treat. For the next precious moments, you're enveloped in a euphoric chocolate high, where the boundaries between scent and taste dissolve into pure delight.

From Novelty to Celebration

What began as a novel idea quickly evolves into a celebration of chocolate's multi-faceted nature. The concept of inhaling cocoa brings people together in a shared experience that's as amusing as it is sensory. Imagine hosting a gathering where guests embark on an aromatic journey, discovering the intimate nuances of chocolate through their noses. It's a whimsical game, a bold icebreaker, and an ode to the innovation that propels the world of gastronomy forward.

Aromatic Exploration in Modern Times

As the journey of cocoa inhalation continues, it's essential to mention chocolatiers like Dominique Persoone, who have taken this concept to new heights. With their ingenuity, the boundaries of chocolate enjoyment are pushed even further. Today, workshops and events dedicated to exploring chocolate aromas have become a staple, inviting individuals to dive into the depths of their senses.

Conclusion: A Symphony for the Senses

Sniffing cocoa might initially sound unconventional, but when you peel back the layers, you discover an enchanting realm of sensory exploration. From its historical origins to its modern interpretations, inhaling cocoa is a celebration of all that chocolate represents – a symphony for the senses that invites us to experience it in ways we never imagined.

So, the next time you contemplate how to enjoy your favorite treat, remember that the possibilities are as limitless as the cocoa's intoxicating aroma. 

I used it at a team building event at  chop house Butler’s wharf and it was a hit, most folk gave it a go. and now most of my workshops include arom in some way not always snorting.

“Snorting cocoa, isn't as strange as you may think, I certainly got the taste and smell of chocolate very strongly for a couple of minutes and my coffee tasted like a mocca latte ” George.


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