Chocolate Chipotle Salmon Rub

Serves: 4

Prep time: 25 Minutes

Cook time: 35 Minutes

Total time: 1 Hour

Dietary: Contains Fish

Meal type: Dinner, Lunch

Misc: Chocolatey chipotle salmon rub adds a wonderfully warm, rich taste to augment the salmon's flavour perfectly.

Occasion: Valentines Day

Author: David Greenwood-Haigh

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  • 4 Pieces Salmon Fillets (Skin on 125g Each)
  • 2g Ground Chipotle (Or Any Chilli Powder)
  • 4g Cocoa Powder
  • 2g Orange Peel
  • 1g Ground Cinnamon (Pinch)
  • 1g Sea Salt (Pinch)
  • 1g Paprika (Pinch)


Step 1
Mix all of the spices together.
Step 2
Rub into the flesh side of your salmon before cooking.
Step 3
This rub can be used for baking, frying, or grilling.
Store extra rub in a sealed container in a cool dry place