Always Use good chocolate made with good ingredients —

All natural,

  • cocoa butter,
  • cocoa solids (no palm oil or vanillin) make sure you know what you are buying

Use the chocolate you like to eat, buy a few different brands and do your own taste-test to work out what you like best. ( and you get to try more chocolate)

Keep your chocolate in a cool dry place- but not the fridge. Store it at around 15 degrees.

Don’t work in a hot and humid environment, this can cause chocolate to ‘bloom’

Practice practice practice

Don’t be scared to experiment with flavours and textures its fun!

Dark Chocolate Truffle Recipe


160g 70% Chocolate
140g Cream
25g butter (soft)

Coating the truffles:

250g Tempered Chocolate
100g Cocoa Powder

1. Chop the 70% dark chocolate finely (it will melt quicker)

2. Bring cream to boil and rest on the side for a few minutes then add to the chopped chocolate, let it sit for sixty seconds or so then stir until the mixture forms a smooth shiny emulsion.

3. Add in the softend butter, mix until fully incorporated and then leave to set in the fridge.

4. Once the chocolate ganache is firm enough, put into a piping bag and pipe bulbs onto a greaseproof paper lined tray.

5. Leave to set in a cool place 

6. Prepare a bowl of tempered chocolate and a tray of cocoa powder

7. Dip each truffle in tempered chocolate and roll individually in cocoa powder.

8. Leave the chocolate to set round the truffle and then ‘sieve’ the truffle to remove excess cocoa.

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